Monday, 18 June 2007

Traditional EGM Problem Gambling Treatments Only a Bandage

Traditional treatments for slot and video machine, VLT, and video poker/blackjack addiction concentrate on the psychological and physiological aspects of the addiction. They look at the person's family background and upbringing. They look at their current financial and economic situation. They try to get problem gamblers to leave their credit cards at home. There are even programs where problem gamblers can ban themselves from casinos.

All of which do help treat these people, but most of them end back being addicted again. Counselors and gaming venues need to understand that to effectively treat these people they need to educate them on how Electronic Gaming Machines are designed and operate. Counselors have to know all about EGMs to counsel their clients effectively. Gaming venues should have EGM educational displays right on the gaming floor where a trained employee can explain to patrons how slots are designed and operate, how to properly read a paytable, and how to manage their money. Until this happens, EGM addicts will simply pull of the bandage and continue to pick a the wound.

Monday, 11 June 2007

What is a slot machine expert?

There are many people out there who call themselves slot machine experts, experts in electronic gaming machines, or gaming machine experts. Most of these people are simply players who have no idea how slots really work. Others are computer programmers who think they know how slots work. Others don't list any of their background or credentials, but claim to be experts anyway. Most are hawking wares such as methods to beat slots, books on how to beat slots, or software on how to beat slots or how slots work.

Well, how can they call themselves experts if they've never repaired a machine or even learned how it works down and dirty? Yes I'm hawking my book and my expertise and my consulting services. But I have the credentials behind me to back up what I say. I don't expound crap, I tell the truth. People can't handle the truth, they don't want to hear the truth, and apparently the truth cuts into their "expert" income. I don't care. I am, without sounding egotistical, an expert in electronic gaming machines. I have the experience, the education, the book, and the background to call myself an expert. And I am proud of that.

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Move Completed

Yes, the move to Sudbury has been completed and now the work begins of continuing to get work. First, I have to work on protecting myself from the black flies and mosquitoes.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Dragonstoen on the Mend

I am trying to get the fantasy novel Dragonstoen finally polished up as the next publisher wants submissions of the entire manuscript. For those of you who know a bit about Addler Berrington, Nesra the dragon, Lady Alnya, Berger, and the rest of the people of the Kingdom of Husanta, don't fret. Once the manuscript for the first book is out, I will be continuing on with the first draft of the second book. I envision five novels in all to tell the whole story and reveal all the secrets.
The word Dragonstoen, the title Dragonstoen, and places, names, and characters of the Dragonstoen series of fantasy novels are all trademarks owned by Phillip J. Boucher.

CBC and Konami Jackpot Symbol Flash Story

Ok, let's talk about the Konami games that in February the CBC said flashed winning jackpot symbols at players. The story centered around the concern that this may be a subliminal messaging tactic to get players to remain at the machine. Since then, the jurisdictions in Canada that have these machines have either changed the themes or investigated and placed them back in service.

There is nothing subliminal here and is strictly a software glitch. On video machines, the "reel spin", which in fact is only a simulation of moving graphic images, has to start with some image. The glitch? It starts on the jackpot symbols instead of randomly generated images. Nothing subliminal or intentional here at all. In fact, if CBC had have taped a physical reel machine, they would see that the jackpot symbols display once each reel spin. Would they have called that subliminal or suspicious? I highly doubt it.

This is simply another example of some people who do not know how slot machines and other gaming machines are actually designed and operate, trying to interpret what they see, and fueling the myths, misconceptions, and urban legends that keep driving players into slot addiction.