Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Scientists Know Shit

Scientists Know Shit

Kind of a harsh title, but it is so true. Scientists, those people who can include anyone from cancer researchers to archaeologists to rocket developers, are simply regurgitated, educated minions of scientists, who are the regurgitated, educated minions of their teachers. Scientists are trained in how things are perceived to be and that things cannot exist in another way. They learn the same things that generations of scientists learned before them, albeit also learning new discoveries. However, these discoveries upon themselves are simply revelations of training they already received.

And with this education and regurgitation, the eyes of scientists look down upon us peons over the ever-upturned nose, down upon the peasants and uneducated who have no access to the knowledge these god-like whitecoats possess. We are sheeple, to simply accept what they tell us. What they know. What they have been taught. And their minds, through all of this, are as closed as a door to a jail cell.

Let me give you a great example. In Mexico and Peru there have been discoveries of strange human-like skulls such as those at the end of this blog.Scientists insist, in fact they really demand that we agree, that such skulls are a total, absolute, and finite impossibility. These skulls can not possibly exist and no human or human-like creature ever existed to leave behind skulls such as these. These skulls are either gross deformities of regular old human beings, or are the result of binding the skull in infancy to create these “beautiful” heads in adulthood. Just because these skulls have been found does not mean they really, truly represent what they look like. “It is fact. We are scientists. We know.”

However, they want us to believe, without question, without thinking, without challenging them at all, that giant reptiles used to walk the earth. It must be true. They have the skulls of these creatures to prove it! “These giant reptiles were living breathing creatures that shook the very ground they walked on. They were real. They left behind their bones to prove it. It is fact. We are scientists. We know.”

What the fuck? Can they be any more hypocritical? Giant reptiles roaming the earth and eating each other can be an accepted fact while long-skulled humanoid creatures have to be just fantasy. With the same type of archaeological find. Skulls of a long dead creature. Giant reptilian animal, ok. Weird skulled human, not ok. Isn’t it wonderful how scientists can decide what is fact and what is fiction for us all. "It is fact. We are scientists. We know.” You guys know shit!

Here’s another one. Over one hundred years ago it was believed that cancer was caused by a virus. A viral infection. A buggly-wuggly that got in your system and zapped cells into reproducing quickly and unabated, taking over the host body (that’d be us) to the point that organ function couldn’t function any more and the host terminated. Died. Passed away. Ceased to be. Pining for the fjords. Yep. Croaked.

“Quacks and charlatans!” the scientists would shout from their ivory towers to those few fellow peers who dared, no, who evilly dared in secret pacts with the DEVIL, to even suggest, let alone research, the possibility that cancer was caused by a virus. So for the next hundred years research into the causes of cancer yielded, well, squat. Treatments abound from pumping the body with tons of chemicals or frying the body with radiation. Yet, no cause for cancer has been found.

Well, now, you see, in 2008 there was a discovery that certain viruses caused certain skin cancers. Really? No shit! Oh, and back in 2006 they found that the Human Papilloma Virus causes some cervical cancers. Really? No shit! And now some U.S. States are making it mandatory that every woman from like 11 to 25 get the HPV cervical cancer vaccine to help PREVENT them from getting cervical cancer. That will surely save many lives. One hundred years too late you shits!

Scientists! There are many more examples like this.

“Hey scientists! We caught this real weird looking fish the other day.”

“Weird looking, huh? Well here, do you see it in any of these pictures of trout, sharks, whales, dolphins, or every other fish on the planet?”

“No scientists, we don’t. But it looks like this drawing in this book on dinosaurs.”

“My fisherman friend. My poor, demented, mentally unstable fisherman friend. That fish has been extinct from this planet for over 65 million years! Silly fisherman. Get the fuck out of here.”

“But we have it in our truck. It’s big and weird!”

“Fine. Let us see it. Oh yes. It’s some kind of deformed wafflelikkee fish. Eat the thing and go away.”


“Go away. We are scientists. We told you what the fish was and what it wasn’t. We are scientists. We know.”

No they don’t. Ever hear of the coelacanth? Yep that fish that supposedly HAS BEEN EXTINCT FOR OVER 65 MILLION YEARS is alive and well and doing fine living and reproducing happily in the earth’s oceans, thank you very much.

So, if cancer is now accepted as being caused by a virus, and an extinct fish can be alive today, then I think it’s pretty much a good bet that the Loch Ness monster is a living plesiosaur, Sasquatch/Bigfoot/Yeti is a living Neandertal, the anomalies found on Mars indicate it once held life, and the human race may just be a genetically manipulated species by alien visitors.

“That is totally and absolutely impossible, Phil. None of that is true. This is fact. We are scientists. We know.”

No. You scientists know nothing. You know shit.