Wednesday, 3 September 2008

CBC Radio 2 a Total Bust

Well, if you read the blog at CBC Radio 2's site, you will see that many of us loyal CBC listeners are absolutely appalled over the change to the daytime classical music line-up. As Canadians, CBC has always been a staple in our lives, and the classical music programs were a fresh alternative to the public radio classical stations we get from south of the border. It also seems that Tom Allen's program Music and Company was one of the most beloved and cherished of shows. His laid back approach, his humourous and entertaining tidbits of information about composers and compositions, and the wide variety of GOOD classical music made it a show not to miss. Now, the poor man seems almost strained to be excited by what he is doing, and the mix of music (some of which should not even be called music) is atroshis. You can hear it in Tom's voice. He doesn't have the same enthusiasm or interest as he did with Music and Company. Many people have noticed and the listeners have spoken!

But the new CBC management, like the old, refuses to listen to its listeners. And why should it? CBC Radio 2 is publically funded. Our tax dollars pay for the stations. So whether anyone listens or not, money still comes in and the management still gets paid. Too bad it wasn't a public station like in the States, where the listeners donate and foot the bill. Then we would have some power in getting CBC to revert Radio 2 back to what it should be. Some people who have posted comments on the Radio 2 site have, half jokingly, suggested that we should all get together and launch a class-action lawsuit against CBC. I like that idea. But whether the outcome would be a win or a loss, the CBC would simply tell us listners to bend over further and take it deeper. There is an old adage that goes, "If it isn't broken, don't fix it." CBC Radio 2 was as far from broken as you can get. It is quite unfortunate that the damn thing is in a shambles now.