Sunday, 20 September 2009

Why Is Fantasy Fiction So Popular?

Why, indeed? I was asked this by a colleague who could not understand why anyone would enjoy reading, or even watching, fantasy fiction. A strange question from a man who has the entire Star Wars CD collection. I pondered an answer and told him I'd have to get back to him later. I really didn't have an answer at the time. Now I did have thoughts float through my brain about escapism and such, but after careful reflection, I think that there may be deeper roots to the question.

I think most people who enjoy fantasy are those who are lacking something in their own lives (not a bad thing) or are harbingers of a great emotional creativity that has no other outlet than through visual "pretendness." Let me clarify this.

By lacking, I am not referring to something bad at all. This could be a lack of imagination. Being unable to fantasize as a child, you know, the whole "invisible friend" thing. Lacking creative or intellectual stimulation. Fantasy may be a way for these people to experience the spark that enables them to imagine or pretend for that brief book or movie time. Or maybe it is just about escaping from the humdrum of a boring existence and getting some excitement for a change. A lack of more desirable life.

Those with a greater creative or intellectual spark may find fantasy a way of extending their own hopes of dreams of a better world where magick rules and anything is possible. Fantasy could be the stimulating factor in a new theory, a new invention. We've seen many things that were pure science fiction only a few years ago, become pure science fact today. Could the magick, the creatures, and the adventures of the fantasy realm become just as real? The human imagine knows no bounds and neither does fantasy.

I suppose my answer will be a short synopsis of the above comments. It lets us escape. It stimulates our emotions and our imaginations. It lets us be someone or something else for a small moment of time. Fantasy fiction makes us real humans. No wonder it's so popular.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

New GMRS Book Already Causing Controversy

The publication date of my new book, “The Complete Guide to Canada’s General Mobile Radio Service: How to Get the Most Out of Our Nation’s Licence-Free, Fee-Free, Two-Way Radio Service”, ISBN 978-1-895391-20-6, is not until October 1, 2009, and already I hear through channels that some things discussed in the book are controversial and might ruffle feathers of those in the radiocommunications industry.

It seems that some manufactures of two-way “business-exclusive” radios are pissed off how I compare their two-watt UHF handheld radios to the two-watt GMRS radios, effectively telling readers that instead of paying hundreds of dollars for one of these “business-exclusive” radios, that they can buy a pair of GMRS for around fifty dollars. Both types of radios perform the same and have essentially the same features. The only advantage “business-exclusive” radios have over GMRS radios is that the channels are not as accessible to the public. However, the big advantages GMRS have are many; purchasers do not need to licence the radios; they do not need to licence the frequencies; there are no rental fees, airtime fees, usage fees, monthly fees, or any other fees to operate GMRS radios. In fact, GMRS is TOTALLY licence and fee free. The ONLY thing you pay for with GMRS is the cost of the radios, which are usually sold in pairs and most pairs go for UNDER one hundred dollars.

With “business-exclusive” radios, you have to either buy each radio at one hundred fifty to three hundred dollars each, or pay a monthly rental fee for each radio. Then you have to pay a licence fee for each radio. Plus a licence fee for each frequency. Then you have to pay a fee to renew those licences. And like GMRS, you have to share the frequencies with other users. Therefore, “business-exclusive” is not that exclusive, especially in a large urban area.

And the ironic thing about this supposed controversy? The majority of manufactures who make “business-exclusive” radios also make GMRS radios. Now, as a consumer, if you wanted to buy a handheld UHF two-watt two-way radio, what’s more important to you; having access to frequencies that are being used by other “business-exclusive” users rather than the general public and paying hundreds of dollars per radio for that privilege, or having access to frequencies that are available to the general public, but with a pair of radios that cost around fifty dollars but with no access, monthly, or licencing fees, both types of radios providing the same performance and features?

General Mobile Radio Service radios are exceedingly more cost-effective given that they perform the same as “business-exclusive” radios. It would be in any company’s or business’s best interest to go with GMRS radios. But I can see dealers trying to steer purchases towards the higher-priced business radios. Don’t be fooled by the supposed “controversy” that I have mentioned. It’s your money. Spend it, or save it, wisely when buying handheld two-way radios.

“The Complete Guide to Canada’s General Mobile Radio Service: How to Get the Most Out of Our Nation’s Licence-Free, Fee-Free, Two-Way Radio Service”, ISBN 978-1-895391-20-6, is available from at $24.00 CDN or at $19.95 US.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

New Publication Date for GMRS Book

Monday, 6 July 2009

New GMRS Book is Available for Pre-publication Purchase

A new GMRS book is available for pre-publication purchase. The Complete Guide to Canada's General Mobile Radio Service: How to Get the Most Out of Our Nation's Licence-Free, Fee-Free UHF Two-Way Radio Service, ISBN 978-1-895391-20-6, the only book about Canada's Family Radio and General Radio Mobile Services.

FRS and GMRS, now one combined service called GMRS, uses small UHF handheld radios to provide wireless two-way radio communications to friends and families, groups and organizations, and business, retail, construction, and anyone else who needs to communicate with others at a distance. GMRS radios have a maximum power output of two watts on twenty-two channels/frequencies with a maximum distance of eight to ten kilometres.

"A GMRS UHF radio signal at two watts of output power can have a range of about eight to ten kilometers over water. That range is reduced when used in a rural and urban setting. On average, the indoor range can cover approximately two hundred thousand square feet, or about twenty floors of a building, and very easily the average warehouse or job site. When used in a city setting, you can usually get reliable communications from two to eight city blocks depending on terrain and building architecture." (from the book)

You can use GMRS to keep in touch with friends and family at the mall, car-to-car, at a carnival or fair, and around the house. Use GMRS to coordinate parades, public events, trade shows, and provide security and emergency response. GMRS is perfect for construction and job sites, warehouses, traffic control, and trailer shunting. Retailers and service providers can use GMRS radios to improve customer service, productivity, profit, and reduce costs: this includes stores, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals.

Whatever reason you have for short-range wireless communications, GMRS can provide it with no licence fees, no per use charges, no monthly payments, and no other costs. Why pay cellular, data, paging, and other fees for short-range wireless calls? Why buy or rent those "business exclusive" two-way radios? Use GMRS instead.

The Complete Guide to Canada's General Mobile Radio Service is $19.95US and $24.00CDN, available from one of the three websites below. This book tells you all about the service and the equipment, how to buy the right radio for you, how to use the radio and service effectively, and gives examples of a wide range of uses. The Complete Guide to Canada's General Mobile Radio Service is the bible for users of Canada's licence and fee free "wireless walkie-talkie" service. If you have GMRS radios or are thinking of buying some, you need this book. It makes a great gift for any user of GMRS radios. Or how about giving a set of GMRS radios and the book as an extra-special gift?

Order your pre-publication copy today from:

(Yes I wrote the book and yes I am promoting it here on my blog.)

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Works at the publishers

Well, both Dragonstoen(TM) and Tattonville(TM) manuscripts are at publishers right now and hopefully the get picked up. My new book, The Complete Guide to Canada's General Mobile Radio Service is available for pre-publication purchase from the printer/distributor for $19.95US and for $24.00CDN.

If you or anyone you know has FRS/GMRS radios, or has need for licence-free and fee-free UHF two-way radio communications in Canada, then you or they need this book. Visit my website at or the Cafepress websites for more information.

I am currently working on the political thriller/romance Sveta(TM), the second book in the Dragonstoen(TM) series, and the script to a TV series version of Tattonville(TM). Will I ever be able to retire....

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Odd Death of David Carradine

With the discovery of the body of actor David Carradine in his Thai hotel room brings two unique but quite common occurrences to the media forefront: the immediate assumption of suicide, and the eventual determination that the death was accidental. As with Heath Ledger, David was thought to have taken his own life. And why not? The man had talked about suicidal tendencies in the past. But that is by no means an assumption of the actual act. David was back on track in his acting career, kept himself away from drugs and alcohol, and embraced a more positive and calming spiritual atmosphere around himself. A man who has committed himself to several acting jobs in the coming months is not likely to just take his own life, especially if there is no suicide note found.

The facts so far indicate that David, in his own drive for orgasmic ecstasy, engaged in a very dangerous and potentially lethal action called auto erotic asphyxiation. This involves cutting off the blood supply to the brain to the point of near unconsciousness while simultaneously orgasming. This purportedly creates the most intense orgasm and feeling of euphoria one can experience. It also produces death in many cases. One of the mysteries of David's death is whether he was alone at the time of the sexual act. That may be determined in the next little while.

Unfortunately, this great actor, who will be remembered as Kung Fu's Kwai Chang Caine, and Kill Bill's Bill, will ultimately be remembered mostly by the circumstances of his death. That's really not the way anyone should be remembered.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

No Intelligent Thought from Breeders

Well, let's examine the lack of not only intelligent thought but also common sense and the consideration of others by those who choose or have accidentally thrust upon them the "joy" of children.

I won't address the usual things that Breeders seem to feel their little productions can do such as run around a store or, even more annoying, a restaurant, screaming at the top of their lungs, throwing things at or taking things from other patrons and customers, while mommy or daddy calmly whisper, "Jackyjohnmarybritneysuethingymajig, use your indoor voice. Come here and sit down. Please honey, come and sit down. Don't go over there. You'll get a time out. Come back, come back, come back", all the while sitting or standing there taking no action to actually reign in their little "darlings" in, like making any effort would interfere in the nothingness they are doing at that moment.

No, let's talk about, hmm, food courts. Yes. Shopping mall food courts. You are sitting at one table, eating your lunch that cost you over $7.00 at the not-s0-great fast food both. Beside you, are a mom and dad and two sweet little kiddies in diapers enjoying their meal. It's a great day! The kiddies are actually behaving and mom and dad aren't screaming at anyone. After the meal, mom or dad picks up and hold one of the precious children. Then, without any thought or consideration at all, sits the child down on the table. Yes! A pissy, shitty diaper sitting squarely on the spot that mom or day has just eaten from. And of course, they are bouncing the little one while the other spouse is preparing the other little one to go.

Once everyone has their coat on, the cute family leaves. But left on the table are the remnants of that shitty, pissy diaper that those Breeders had no consideration or even intention of cleaning the table. So there they sit...piss and shit germs just waiting for another person, which could be YOU, to sit and enjoy their meal. Umm, yummy.

Why do Breeders think that they can do whatever they want because they have kids? We need to put up signs in these places. "Keep your kid's ass off our table tops! Have some consideration for others!"

Naw, that won't work. Breeders will ignore them, because how dare you say something like that about their precious children? Evil childhaters! No. Evil, conceited, Breeders.