Sunday, 11 January 2009

No Intelligent Thought from Breeders

Well, let's examine the lack of not only intelligent thought but also common sense and the consideration of others by those who choose or have accidentally thrust upon them the "joy" of children.

I won't address the usual things that Breeders seem to feel their little productions can do such as run around a store or, even more annoying, a restaurant, screaming at the top of their lungs, throwing things at or taking things from other patrons and customers, while mommy or daddy calmly whisper, "Jackyjohnmarybritneysuethingymajig, use your indoor voice. Come here and sit down. Please honey, come and sit down. Don't go over there. You'll get a time out. Come back, come back, come back", all the while sitting or standing there taking no action to actually reign in their little "darlings" in, like making any effort would interfere in the nothingness they are doing at that moment.

No, let's talk about, hmm, food courts. Yes. Shopping mall food courts. You are sitting at one table, eating your lunch that cost you over $7.00 at the not-s0-great fast food both. Beside you, are a mom and dad and two sweet little kiddies in diapers enjoying their meal. It's a great day! The kiddies are actually behaving and mom and dad aren't screaming at anyone. After the meal, mom or dad picks up and hold one of the precious children. Then, without any thought or consideration at all, sits the child down on the table. Yes! A pissy, shitty diaper sitting squarely on the spot that mom or day has just eaten from. And of course, they are bouncing the little one while the other spouse is preparing the other little one to go.

Once everyone has their coat on, the cute family leaves. But left on the table are the remnants of that shitty, pissy diaper that those Breeders had no consideration or even intention of cleaning the table. So there they sit...piss and shit germs just waiting for another person, which could be YOU, to sit and enjoy their meal. Umm, yummy.

Why do Breeders think that they can do whatever they want because they have kids? We need to put up signs in these places. "Keep your kid's ass off our table tops! Have some consideration for others!"

Naw, that won't work. Breeders will ignore them, because how dare you say something like that about their precious children? Evil childhaters! No. Evil, conceited, Breeders.