Saturday, 6 June 2009

Odd Death of David Carradine

With the discovery of the body of actor David Carradine in his Thai hotel room brings two unique but quite common occurrences to the media forefront: the immediate assumption of suicide, and the eventual determination that the death was accidental. As with Heath Ledger, David was thought to have taken his own life. And why not? The man had talked about suicidal tendencies in the past. But that is by no means an assumption of the actual act. David was back on track in his acting career, kept himself away from drugs and alcohol, and embraced a more positive and calming spiritual atmosphere around himself. A man who has committed himself to several acting jobs in the coming months is not likely to just take his own life, especially if there is no suicide note found.

The facts so far indicate that David, in his own drive for orgasmic ecstasy, engaged in a very dangerous and potentially lethal action called auto erotic asphyxiation. This involves cutting off the blood supply to the brain to the point of near unconsciousness while simultaneously orgasming. This purportedly creates the most intense orgasm and feeling of euphoria one can experience. It also produces death in many cases. One of the mysteries of David's death is whether he was alone at the time of the sexual act. That may be determined in the next little while.

Unfortunately, this great actor, who will be remembered as Kung Fu's Kwai Chang Caine, and Kill Bill's Bill, will ultimately be remembered mostly by the circumstances of his death. That's really not the way anyone should be remembered.