Monday, 6 July 2009

New GMRS Book is Available for Pre-publication Purchase

A new GMRS book is available for pre-publication purchase. The Complete Guide to Canada's General Mobile Radio Service: How to Get the Most Out of Our Nation's Licence-Free, Fee-Free UHF Two-Way Radio Service, ISBN 978-1-895391-20-6, the only book about Canada's Family Radio and General Radio Mobile Services.

FRS and GMRS, now one combined service called GMRS, uses small UHF handheld radios to provide wireless two-way radio communications to friends and families, groups and organizations, and business, retail, construction, and anyone else who needs to communicate with others at a distance. GMRS radios have a maximum power output of two watts on twenty-two channels/frequencies with a maximum distance of eight to ten kilometres.

"A GMRS UHF radio signal at two watts of output power can have a range of about eight to ten kilometers over water. That range is reduced when used in a rural and urban setting. On average, the indoor range can cover approximately two hundred thousand square feet, or about twenty floors of a building, and very easily the average warehouse or job site. When used in a city setting, you can usually get reliable communications from two to eight city blocks depending on terrain and building architecture." (from the book)

You can use GMRS to keep in touch with friends and family at the mall, car-to-car, at a carnival or fair, and around the house. Use GMRS to coordinate parades, public events, trade shows, and provide security and emergency response. GMRS is perfect for construction and job sites, warehouses, traffic control, and trailer shunting. Retailers and service providers can use GMRS radios to improve customer service, productivity, profit, and reduce costs: this includes stores, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals.

Whatever reason you have for short-range wireless communications, GMRS can provide it with no licence fees, no per use charges, no monthly payments, and no other costs. Why pay cellular, data, paging, and other fees for short-range wireless calls? Why buy or rent those "business exclusive" two-way radios? Use GMRS instead.

The Complete Guide to Canada's General Mobile Radio Service is $19.95US and $24.00CDN, available from one of the three websites below. This book tells you all about the service and the equipment, how to buy the right radio for you, how to use the radio and service effectively, and gives examples of a wide range of uses. The Complete Guide to Canada's General Mobile Radio Service is the bible for users of Canada's licence and fee free "wireless walkie-talkie" service. If you have GMRS radios or are thinking of buying some, you need this book. It makes a great gift for any user of GMRS radios. Or how about giving a set of GMRS radios and the book as an extra-special gift?

Order your pre-publication copy today from:

(Yes I wrote the book and yes I am promoting it here on my blog.)

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Works at the publishers

Well, both Dragonstoen(TM) and Tattonville(TM) manuscripts are at publishers right now and hopefully the get picked up. My new book, The Complete Guide to Canada's General Mobile Radio Service is available for pre-publication purchase from the printer/distributor for $19.95US and for $24.00CDN.

If you or anyone you know has FRS/GMRS radios, or has need for licence-free and fee-free UHF two-way radio communications in Canada, then you or they need this book. Visit my website at or the Cafepress websites for more information.

I am currently working on the political thriller/romance Sveta(TM), the second book in the Dragonstoen(TM) series, and the script to a TV series version of Tattonville(TM). Will I ever be able to retire....