Friday, 9 April 2010

More Focused Blogs

My blogging history has, to this date, been one of mostly a tirade of things that I find annoying. Not that getting stuff off your chest is a bad thing, but upon contemplation, it seems as if blogs should be more about information and entertainment, rather than rants of anger or frustration. So, on that note, I have decided to limit this blog to my writing endevours so that readers will have a more focused and enlightened view on what is going on with my creative works.

Dragonstoen - The manuscript was rejected by BAEN books. A simple form letter was the messenger, so whether they liked it or not, rather than whether it fit in with their current group of needs, is unknown. That's the problem with writing and submitting works. A writer never knows (unless they really do receive a detailed explanation) as to why a work is rejected. We simply send it out to the next publisher on the list. Right now, Dragonstoen is at TOR books. We'll see what they have to say.

Tattonville - Right now I'm researching other Canadian publishers (since the manuscript was rejected by Edge) that might be suitable for this work. Being a about Native spirituality (Shamanism, the supernatural) makes it hard to determine what I should classify it as. Fantasy is the most obvious genre, however the fantasy or supernatural elements (a dead Shaman's spirit, a Native able to heal small wounds almost instantaneously) are quite under the main plot of the town's police force clashing with the RCMP and CSIS. I may be sending it out to a publisher or two in a couple of weeks. I'll update the status of it here.

Sveta - The current novel I'm writing is about a young male American composer and a young female Russian military student who accidentally meet when the composer does a tour of Russia, and of course fall in love, which ruins the plans of the Moscow intelligence chief, who tries to break them up, etc. Sort of a political thriller romance set a short bit in the future after the U.S. and Russia engage in a small war and Russia is the winner. This one is hard to write as I keep going off in different directions with it. I'm sure I'll get a focus on it shortly.

Disturbance Call at the Fairy Bar - this short story, involving a southern U.S sheriff and his deputy who police a town that exists both in the real and fairy realms, is now at Realms of Fantasy magazine.

Dragonstoen: A Necklace for a Prince - a short story based on the Dragonstoen novel is also at Realms of Fantasy magazine.

I'm currently working on outlines for a couple of fantasy short stories, two more fantasy novels, a pilot script for a TV version of Tattonville, and a script based on the British show UFO from the sixties. Too bad the rotation of the earth doesn't slow down. Then I'd have more time during the day to get all this stuff done. A writer not only writes, but sells and promotes his works and services as well. Besides novels and short stories, I have a couple of freelance works on the go. Like every writer on the planet, I really need Dragonstoen to get published, sell, get made into a movie, and make tons of money. In the meantime, I must live in the real world, though fantasy does have its advantages.