Monday, 31 October 2011

I have found out that a new book publisher is opening up very shortly here in Canada that would suit my novels. Going to submit my work the day they start accepting submissions. Maybe I can get in on the ground floor. Fiction sure is hard to sell, not like non-fiction. What the hell, I like writing fiction too!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Back in the saddle again.

I have been on a little hiatus for a while, concentrating on getting some writing done and sent out. This has taken up a bit of my time but I hope to be more regular on my blogs, hopefully every week or two. The leg is healing, though stairs are still a bitch to do and my limp is quite pronounced. As for writing, I am now concentrating on marketing my freelance writing services via LinkedIn and other outlets. This involves a lot of research, a bit of schmoozing, and an offer of services. As well, marketing efforts continue for my two books "The Complete Guide to Canada's General Mobile Radio Service" and "Slot Machines: Fun Machines or Tax Machines?". In addition, submissions of my two fantasy novels DRAGONSTOEN and TATTONVILLE continue to publishers and agents, and of course submissions of my short stories are continuing. I am also currently working on a new Ebook, "The Complete Guide to Yaesu's VX-6R", a reference guide to a popular handheld Amateur Radio unit, and a political/romance/thriller (I really don't know what to call it), SVETA. Combine the above activities with the daily grind of life and there just seems to be no time to eat, sleep, or do anything else. But I don't mind. As a writer, I love to write. most writers do. It's just trying to find the time to do it.