Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year and New Aspirations

With the Mayan Calendar behind us, and the world still spinning along just fine, I hope to find all of you well and wish you a very Happy, Merry, Prosperous, and great New Year. 2013 should be the beginning of the new cycle of increasing happiness and wealth for all.

As for me, I will be swinging into high gear to complete several projects and bring them forth for publication. "The Complete Guide to Yaesu's VX-6R" should be completed by spring, "The Almost Complete Guide to Baofeng's UV-5R" by summer, and my political romance thriller novel SVETA by summer's end. This does not include several work-for-hire projects and my short stories. I will be be a very busy Canadian beaver. Of course that doesn't mean I am not open other writing opportunities. Need something done? Send me an email.

Along with the above, I'm also going to work on getting my other works published, such as my fantasy novels TATTONVILLE and DRAGONSTOEN, a spec pilot script for a Canadian supernatural TV show based on the TATTONVILLE novel, and a movie script about a young female homicide detective with Tourette's. These ambitious aspirations should keep my mind occupied and the voices in my head from getting out of control. Like the one that says, "Eat Chocolate! Eat Chocolate!" Damn internal voices!