Monday, 22 December 2014

New Ebook - How to Get Great Customer Service



by Phillip J. Boucher CSS

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Every one of us was, is, and will be a customer at some point in our lives. As consumers we expect a certain degree of service that will satisfy our needs in a timely, cost-effective, and friendly fashion. We want our needs and desires for products and services satisfied quickly, efficiently, and courteously.

Yet customer service really is a two-way street. The company you deal with has to provide you with great customer service, but in order to do that, you the customer must understand what that great customer service entails. Once you do, you will have the skills and knowledge on how to get great customer service.

How To Get Great Customer Service will teach you the skills you need to use in everyday dealing with product and service providers. Whether you are purchasing a pack of gum, or getting your entire home remodeled, How To Get Great Customer Service will teach you how to get it by:

Treating employees with kindness and respect

Understanding return and satisfaction policies

Noting payment methods

Telling companies about both the good and bad service you receive

Understanding sales

Learning why the customer is not always right

Knowing what are you buying

Checking your change

How to Get Great Customer Service is a book that every consumer can benefit from. The companies we buy from and the employees we deal with are not the only people in the customer service equation. By understanding great customer service concepts and practicing the skills presented in this book, you will consistently get yourself great customer service.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Reminder of my fantasy novel DRAGONSTOEN being crowdfunded.

Book Website:

Just a reminder that there are only 10 days left to crowdfund my fantasy novel DRAGONSTOEN. Get your name listed in the book's credits and receive a portion of the backer's royalties if the book reaches its goal of $2000. See the perks of supporting this book below. Thanks.

$10 Level: You will receive an eBook of the work before its final publication. Your name appears in the credits of the book. You will have share in 0.5% royalties intended for backers.

$20 Level: You will receive a copy on paper of the book once published. Your name appears in the credits of the book. You will share 1% of the royalties for backers.

$40 Level: You will receive a copy on paper of the book before its publication as well as an eBook version. Your name appears in the credits of the book. You will share in 2% of the royalties for backers.
$100 Level: You will receive 5 copies of the book on paper with your name in the credits and above all the best deal: 5% share of the royalties for backers.

The book needs $2000.00 by the first week in February 2015 for it to be published. Although it stands on its own, it is the first book in a proposed 5 book series. Please go to the link at the top of this post and check out the book. I hope you like the premise of the plot and decide to support this project. Thank you.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Now CrowdFunding my fantasy novel DRAGONSTOEN

I have decided to try something new to try to get my fantasy novel DRAGONSTOEN published. I've put my novel on the site which crowd-funds books. Not having any luck in the traditional way of submitting to publishers and agents, so maybe this way might work. Here's the information on how to back the book's publication and the reward levels, which are in Spanish but listed here. The book needs $2000.00 backed to be published. This is a good way for you to invest in a creative venture, get listed as a "publisher", and maybe make a little money helping to bring a novel to fruition.

$10.00 Level: You will receive an eBook of the novel before its final publication. Your name appears in the credits of the book. You will share in 0.5% of the royalties paid out to backers.

$20.00 Level: You will receive a printed copy of the book once published. Your name will appear in the credits of the book. You will share in 1% of the royalties paid out to backers.

$40.00 Level: You will receive a printed copy of the book before its publication as well as an eBook version. Your name will appear in the credits of the book. You will share in 2% of the royalties paid out to backers.

$100.00 Level: You will receive 5 printed copies of the book with your name in the credits and share in 5 % of the royalties paid out to backers.

Saturday, 4 October 2014



by Phillip J. Boucher

A person recently asked me this question in a tone of slight sarcasm. His take on freelance copywriters is that they really don't need to exist as advertising and marketing firms have their own people who write everything. I agreed with him to a point, but then presented a short answer to his question.

Although most advertising agencies and marketing firms do have in-house staff who write most of the material the company does for clients, many times work may pile up or a client may have a very specific topic requirement in mind. This means that these firms and agencies may need to parcel out the overflowing work to keep on deadline, or may need to acquire the service of a freelancer experienced or specializing in a particular topic the client requires. Since freelancers are contractors, money is saved on benefits and salaries, and freelancers generally have a fast turnaround time. And getting a freelancer specializing in a client's area ensures a more on-target document that in-house writers may not have been able to achieve.

More often though, freelance copywriters are hired by individuals and companies who require material to be created or re-written for clarity and their target audience. Sometimes a company will hire a freelancer to write website, ad, and brochure material for a particular product or service they are launching. Many companies have freelancers create material they either don't have the skill or time to create themselves, such as books, articles, reports, web copy, and even letters and memos.

Freelancers who specialize in niche areas are hired to write material targeted to an audience for that niche. If a company wants a white paper written for a product they sell that turns rocks into gold, they most likely will  hire a freelancer who has experience writing about turning rocks into gold. The white paper will be more targeted to the company's audience and will be more pertinent in content than if a non-specialist wrote it.

Writers, authors, CEO's, business owners, managers, supervisors, doctors, actors, singers, your neighbor, your local variety store owner,  the medical center down the street, the little diner across the street, the average Joe, magazines, newspapers, website operators, all these types of people and entities have and do use the services of freelance writers.

Freelance copywriters are experts at creating material for narrow niche audiences as well as the general reading public. One-time contract fee payments, quick turnaround times, and great, targeted content make hiring a freelance writer a wise personal and business move.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Reminder of Publications on Kindle

Just a reminder to my readers of the following books and short stories I have on Amazon Kindle:

Danny - lesbian/trans literary short story
Timmy's Magic - literary short story
Disturbance Call at the Fairy Bar - fantasy short story
A Very Sad Night - literary short story
Dragonstoen: An Amulet for a Prince - fantasy short story
The Tower of Eletal - fantasy short story
The Almost Complete Guide to Yaesu's VX-6R - book
The Complete Guide to Canada's General Mobile Radio Service - book

Saturday, 26 April 2014

I've Been Quoted

Gentrie Saddler, staff writer with the Corner Canyon Chronicle wrote an article titled "The Rise of Fantasy Fiction ... Why the sudden rush of vampires, dragons, and imaginary life?" He took this quote for the article from my blog post, "Why is Fantasy Fiction So Popular":

"Fantasy may be a way for these people to experience “the spark” that enables them to imagine or pretend for that brief book time, or maybe it is just about escaping from the humdrum of a boring existence and getting some excitement or change, a lack of a more desirable life.”
 So cool!

To read the whole article, go to the page below.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

SEO More About Content than Keywords


by Phillip J. Boucher

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has been around since the Internet became part of our everyday lives. Using both meta tags and website content, SEO has become an industry unto itself, with a multitude of people offering their services as SEO writers or experts, and companies hiring people strictly for SEO content creation. Couple that with pay-per-click and other paid methods of ensuring a top-rank listing on search engines, it's no wonder that SEO has become so saturated on almost every website in existence.

Now, every company wants their website to the the first one shown when a user inputs keywords into a search engine. So do I when they search for "freelance writer", "copywriter", "GMRS", or "slot machine addiction". Fair enough. But is it really fair for companies to try to weight their site down with so much SEO that they come up on top every time for a multitude of different search terms? And just because you sell a product or service, being on top of the list doesn't mean you are the best in the business, or are the right company for a potential customer. 

What about paying to be on top? Well, is this just vying to get on top through a form of advertising, or is it a lopsided way for companies that have the money, but don't necessarily have anything else useful for a searcher, to "compete" in the marketplace?

Many search engines, and many people and businesses who own and run websites, have come to realize that the majority of users on the Internet who use search engines to find products and services are not all that naive nor "tech-savvy lacking" when it comes to search results. In the past, most people would look at the top three search results and just go with them. Today, many people don't even look a the first page of results. Why? Because today's consumer understands that top listing results are either heavily SEO saturated, or companies have paid money to appear in the top listings.

Search engines have realized this as well and many have changed their criteria in determining what results to show where. No longer is paid ranking, keyword placement, or meta tag content the major indicators of SEO and its successor SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Although keyword, meta tag, and paid placement utilization are still relatively effective to a point, websites must now also provide proper and honest content that is pertinent to what consumers are seeking. 

Any company or individual doing business online must now concentrate on their website being more content-critical and less search engine optimized. If your website does not have quality information pertinent to your visitors' needs and desires, ending up on the top of the search does not necessarily mean you are the one they are going to buy from.

Quality content is defined as content that search engines determine to be useful and pertinent to visitors, not search engines. This comes from naturally built links to and from your site with other quality-content sites; non-saturated use of keywords; and refraining from having multiple web pages of almost identical content. It comes from your site being written strictly with a user, your customer, in mind. 

If your in-house writers or freelancers have been hired because they write effective SEO content, you might want to re-think who you want writing your site. Your writers need to concentrate on the content and its quality first and foremost. Whether in-house or freelance, you need to ditch the idea of having them write SEO content, and get them to write real effective quality content that gives your visitors the information they need to make an informed decision as to whether your product or service is right for them.

You may not end up at the top of many searches, but you could be the company that most users searching for your product or service choose more often.



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