Saturday, 4 October 2014



by Phillip J. Boucher

A person recently asked me this question in a tone of slight sarcasm. His take on freelance copywriters is that they really don't need to exist as advertising and marketing firms have their own people who write everything. I agreed with him to a point, but then presented a short answer to his question.

Although most advertising agencies and marketing firms do have in-house staff who write most of the material the company does for clients, many times work may pile up or a client may have a very specific topic requirement in mind. This means that these firms and agencies may need to parcel out the overflowing work to keep on deadline, or may need to acquire the service of a freelancer experienced or specializing in a particular topic the client requires. Since freelancers are contractors, money is saved on benefits and salaries, and freelancers generally have a fast turnaround time. And getting a freelancer specializing in a client's area ensures a more on-target document that in-house writers may not have been able to achieve.

More often though, freelance copywriters are hired by individuals and companies who require material to be created or re-written for clarity and their target audience. Sometimes a company will hire a freelancer to write website, ad, and brochure material for a particular product or service they are launching. Many companies have freelancers create material they either don't have the skill or time to create themselves, such as books, articles, reports, web copy, and even letters and memos.

Freelancers who specialize in niche areas are hired to write material targeted to an audience for that niche. If a company wants a white paper written for a product they sell that turns rocks into gold, they most likely will  hire a freelancer who has experience writing about turning rocks into gold. The white paper will be more targeted to the company's audience and will be more pertinent in content than if a non-specialist wrote it.

Writers, authors, CEO's, business owners, managers, supervisors, doctors, actors, singers, your neighbor, your local variety store owner,  the medical center down the street, the little diner across the street, the average Joe, magazines, newspapers, website operators, all these types of people and entities have and do use the services of freelance writers.

Freelance copywriters are experts at creating material for narrow niche audiences as well as the general reading public. One-time contract fee payments, quick turnaround times, and great, targeted content make hiring a freelance writer a wise personal and business move.